About Us

About Us

Welcome to our practice!

Our practice is different than any that you may have experienced. The Mission of Erie County Chiropractic is to serve the community with the highest standard of Chiropractic health care in a professional environment, utilizing community outreach programs and the philosophy of treatment of the whole person through chiropractic adjustment, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, and wellness education.

The Mission affirms our commitment to the treatment of each individual with respect and dignity.  Our doctors will take the time to listen and clearly explain your care so you can learn how  to maximize the health benefits of Chiropractic, beyond just becoming pain-free after an injury.

We are proud to be your neighbors and members of the beautiful downtown Buffalo community.  Erie County Chiropractic is dedicated to community wellness education, and our doctors are always available to give lectures on health, nutrition and exercise, as well as safety meetings, for any group or employer.

Please take the time to share what you learn about Chiropractic with others.

Yours truly,

Erie County Chiropractic